Tell Olympia you Support the wine Growler law HB-1742 (H-2812.2)

Support Wine Growler

The battle begins!  The first hearing is scheduled for Thursday 16th in front of the House “Government Accountability and Oversight Committee”.

This is an “Executive Session” which means that there will not be an opportunity to testify. However your email comments are more important than ever.  I have included a template below with the committee Chair’s address and general format guide.  The idea is to let the committee members know that these are individual emails from individual people, so different is great.

These emails must be received by Wednesday January 15th to be considered and  included in the record.

Chairman Christopher Hurst

Please copy the email list below in to cc (or blind cc ) the other members of the committee with your email:;;;;;;;

Subject Line: Wine in Growlers; HB-1742 (H-2812.2)

Dear Chairman Christopher Hurst
House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee
Olympia, Washington

I (we) support the proposal (bill) to allow sale of wine in growlers in Washington because…(add a few sentences here: It’s green, it saves literally tons of glass from landfills, it’s cool, it connects me with my local winery, it’s old timey, lower prices, we can do this with beer why not wine? It’s long overdue etc. etc.).

Please pass this bill and make this happen. (or some such)

Thank you!

Your Name
Your Daytime Phone number (they won’t call) or address if you are in one of the member’s district!


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